How to Start a Free Blog?

This is 2021 and I see people are still in a search of free blogging platform. It is okay to search for a free place where starting a blog is of no cost. But the question – how to start is undigestable.

These all-online platforms seem complicated but are all same and easy to operate. It all needs is patients to dig up, screw up, and become use-too of it. There is no need for rocket science to start a free blog.

The only thing it takes is time. And the time is not for starting a blog, it’s for money if you want to earn through your blogs. If you just want to throughout your thoughts as a hobby then it is super free.

And I suggest you use social media not blogging. But if you are truly interested in a long-term journey as a writer then maybe you should take a chance.

So, there are many free platforms to start a free blog. However, I am going to talk about the only one and favourite of thousands of people. That is no other than

Yes, is one of the best platforms for starting a free blog. Also, it is the product of Google itself so it is trustable and genuine.

There are tons of videos and blogs about bloggers on the internet. My information was to give you the name of the best free blogging platform.

Now go ahead and start publishing your masterpiece blogs.