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It has been a long hot topic of whether a dead person goes to heaven or not. If not then what happens after death which we refer to as Soul? This is mysterious to everyone. So, if you are one of them who is curious to know the secrets after death then you must consider this book ‘Death An Inside Story by Sadhguru. You can also look for the PDF version of the book Death: An Inside Story or buy ebooks from Amazon and Flipkart.

This book reveals the secrets of death with every detailed point. Especially it is written for those who shall die. The book ‘Death An Inside Story by Sadhguru’ is a must-read. It can change the way you see or talk about death. Mostly we do fear to talk about the dead but once you complete the book your views on death will change. It talks about death’s hidden fact both in – logically and scientifically way.

About The Author Sadhguru

sadhguru author of death an inside story

Jaggi Vasudev, popularly known as Sadhguru is the author of the book “Death An Inside Story“. He is mostly known as a yogi, mystic, visionary, and spiritual master with a difference. He ranked amongst the fifty most influential people in India. He has been conferred the Padma Vibhushan, India’s highest annual civilian award, accorded for exceptional and distinguished service.

Sadhguru is also a speaker and opinion-maker of international renown. His teachings can be found in Youtube channel with millions of traffic named Sadhguru. Besides that, he is also the founder of an Isha Foundation. As an Indian author, Sadhguru wrote several books and contributed his knowledge namely –  Inner Engineering, Life and Death in One Breath, Mind is your Business, Adiyogi: The Source of Yoga, etc.


Book Name Death: An Inside Story:
Author Sadhguru
Publisher Penguin Ananda
Pages 376
Ebook Pages 331
Release 21 February 2020
Language English

About The Book – Death: An Inside Story

author of death an inside story

  • The book reveals the confidential of death.
  • How death happens.
  • Does the body die at once?
  • Where you go after you die.
  • How one can prepare for a good death.
  • What best can be done when someone is taking his/her last breath.
  • Also, how one can support his/her journey after death.
  • More secrets.

Do you fear death? Maybe you do or maybe you just ignore it thinking of your immortality. But it is the fact that no one can deny. Thinking of death makes us feel bitter but it is an inescapable truth. This is the topic no one discusses. In some parts of regions, it is even considered as a taboo.

The author – Sadhguru has taken out all his internal thoughts and knowledge in the book Death An Inside Story. This book can help you get all your queries that rises in your mind about death. These are those questions/answers that even Google is unable to provide.

So, if you are interested in reading this book grab it now. Find out the PDF download of Death An Inside Story or get it from the online store. Use the book discount coupon code to make your purchase affordable.

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