Turnkey Internet 2020 Review

As a matter of fact, most of the people are unaware of the company Turnkey Internet or simply never heard of it. But also there are many folks who are well-informed and are using the service. Whether you have heard about it or not, both will get equal benefits through this Turnkey Internet 2020 review.  In this review, we’ll see how reliable is the Turnkey Internet and also be reviewing its benefits, features including pros and cons. Just before we dive into it let’s know what Turnkey Internet is.

What is Turnkey Internet?

Turnkey Internet is a web hosting service provider. You might get wonder to hear that this company was actually not initially focused on hosting service at earlier.

Review -  what is turnkey internet

In the beginning before entering the world of several hosting solutions, it started as a consulting service to Internet Service Providers and Enhanced Telecommunications Providers.

Latham, New York-based Turnkey Internet provides a 100% green web hosting solutions and was founded in1999.

Now the question arises how reliable is this Turnkey Internet hosting? Does this hosting company turn heads?

To get all the answers, stay on with this Turnkey review. There are some interesting facts which you may want to know about Turnkey internet. So without delay ‘let’s spill the beans’.

Reviewing Turnkey Internet Pros and Cons

As you already know there are lots of hosting companies on an online digital market. All these hosting companies come with their Pros and Cons. But it’s the reality that one must accept. 

Every web hosting companies have some good side as well as bad. The relation between Positive and Negative is from the last thousands of years. So let’s see what are the pros and cons of Turnkey Internet.

Turnkey Internet pros & cons

Turnkey Internet Cons

Before we look, the good figure I thought more important to show you the ugly side of Turnkey Internet. This Turkey cons review will make you understand and clear the doubts much faster. Here are the reasons that are making this web hosting provider lack in the business.

Turnkey Internet has varieties of features and services. Though the very first thing, the cons we found with this web hosting provider is that it is lacking in some security features. Security features are less compared to its competitors. It lacks in equal security enriched features.

Turnkey Internet Security Features

But we don’t mean that Turnkey is not a reliable company or not a good web hosting to host websites. Turnkey also provides SSL, SPAM Assassin filtering, ClamAV virus protection, password protection for the directories, etc.

The main missing point from the security feature of Turnkey is apart from AWStats, there is no distinguishable industry security feature or advanced analytics support.

But there is a piece of good news for the beginners and experts for ranking their web pages in the search engines.  Turnkey offers separate SEO hosting service for the webmasters specially designed for SEO. But there is still something which we would like you to make aware of.

Turnkey Internet web hosting plan prices are low at the time of subscription but charges a high rate at the time of renewal. If you go with the hosting monthly plan, you may get charged a higher price for the hosting plans. So going with the long-term for 2-3 years could make you save many dollars.

Without looking to the Pros or the good side, stepping back from the company is like being foolish. ‘A book cannot be judged by its cover’. Therefore Turnkey Internet review is heading towards the pros of the company.

Turnkey Internet Pros

Now, it’s time that we look at the pros of Turnkey Internet. This web hosting company provides some brilliant features that could make you become greedy. Here we are exploring all the pros and excellent features of Turnkey for you.

Below are the Turnkey’s exciting features which we have mentioned in different sections for you. So, why delay let’s move on!

Turnkey Internet pros features

Money-Back Guarantee

The first thing we are going to see is about the Turnkey money-back guarantee policy. To make you feel comfortable with the hosting service, you’ll get a chance to use the service for 30-days. After using the hosting plan you can decide whether to move on with the hosting solution or not.

The company is offering you the 30-days money-back guarantee which you can take benefit of. Use the service for a 30-days free trial and check whether you like it or not. If anyhow, you feel unsatisfied with hosting service then Turnkey allows you to refund the money without a question asked.         This is a big advantage to set your hands in online business using the Turnkey money-back guarantee policy.

Turnkey Internet Free Migration

Free migration means to transfer your website or website information from one web hosting provider to another. This service is for those who already have a website hosted with other company and wants to join Turnkey.

When most of the hosting companies are charging up to $14 for migration, Turnkey allows you to migrate your website absolutely free of cost.  As you don’t have to pay a penny while migrating website Turnkey seems to be better in these categories.

Customer Support

Whether you are a newbie or professional, customer support may require any moment. Overall you may not need any help with the service but if required you can contact Turnkey Internet customer support through phones, live chat, and email tickets.

Most of the answers are covered in knowledge base sections. You can read the page to know the information or to solve your queries. However, there are also a lot of FAQs in each section of the Turnkey Internet which will help clear all your doubts.

Turnkey Internet support teams are available there 24/7 to help their needy customers. If you found any technical issues or help regarding hosting service just make a call or chat, the support team will be found around the clock to assist you.

Backup Service

Turnkey Internet provides the top-notch backup service for the users which we’ll discuss more later. Some of the main advanced technology like Turnkey Vault and GUI is used for backup service. This service is based on cloud backup technology which helps to secure more and makes easy to restore data. The high-quality backup service makes the company more reliable and secure.

So, these were the major points of Turnkey Internet’s pros and cons. Knowing only the good and ugly side is not good enough unless you complete the review reading Turnkey hosting plans, features and prices.

Reviewing Turnkey Internet Plans, Pricing & Features

Turnkey provides multiple hosting services in one single platform. It comes with a service for both Linux and Windows. In this Turnkey Internet 2020 review, we’ll also be going to look at both hosting plans with its pricing and features one by one.

Linux Hosting Plan

Turnkey Linux hosting plans are the most affordable among all its competitors. It is categorized into 2 hosting types – C5 cPanel Hosting and Unlimited cPanel Hosting.

Turnkey internet linux cPanel hosting

The Linux hosting plan is so inexpensive that it cost only $1 per month and range up to $3/month. There is one more good news for you, as the Black Friday sale & Cyber Monday discount deals are extended by the Turnkey, the hosting plans are up to 90% off.

Windows Shared Hosting

Another hosting plan of Turnkey is Windows shared hosting. This hosting is divided into three different types – Professional, Business and E-commerce.

Turnkey Internet Window Plesk/shared hosting

Since the Black Friday deals are been extended these hosting services are getting up to 50% discount. The price of the hosting plans ranges between $3.99 – $14.99 per month.

 There is still a chance to grab this hosting service for your website at an affordable price. Using the Turnkey Internet coupon code will help you save many bucks.

SEO Hosting

Now comes the most interesting part for the bloggers which Turnkey has been able to provide its customers. For the blogger looking for SEO, here you get the SEO hosting service with Turnkey.

Turnkey Internet SEO hosting

This SEO hosting plan is designed to keep your website on the track. It helps you in the website ranking factor on the search engines. With this hosting plan, you’ll get benefits on the Google SEO ranking algorithm.

Along with the above hosting plans, Turnkey also provides a Dedicated server, cloud server, self-managed and fully managed servers.

These Turnkey managed hosting plans are worth value for money but a little expensive. However, if you go for more than an annual subscription at least for 2-3 years you could get more benefits in the long-term run.

Features of Turnkey Internet

Having such good hosting prices and plans at an affordable price, Turnkey also includes satisfying features. This Turnkey review will clear all your queries regarding the hosting service and features.

Looking at Linux hosting, Turnkey provides unlimited SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, dedicated IPv4/ IPv6 support, multiple domains, encrypt SSL, and premium 2048 bit SSL(optional).

And if we talk about the Window-based hosting then it has a good combo of features. Multiple domains, unlimited bandwidth and up to 100GB of SSD are well enough for your site.

Window-based hosting also supports multiple MS SQL and MySQL databases, Dedicated IPv4 (optional), Premium SSL, ASP.NET, PHP, Python, Pearl & SSI.

What are the Advantages of Turnkey Internet?

advantage of Turnkey internet

Latham-based web hosting company, Turnkey Internet provides multiple hosting services at the lowest price possible. Whether you are about to launch a small business website or a large business site, Turnkey covers everything. With Turnkey you’ll find maximum advantages rather than other hosting providers.

This all-in-one platform is a green web hosting service provider. Where all the hosting companies are making pollution Turnkey stands out of the crowd by becoming conscious of the environment. Turnkey generates energy from a solar and renewable source.  By joining the green company you’ll also be contributing some consciousness in making environment pollution-free.

Turnkey Internet data center uses the most advanced technology to provide a fully satisfying hosting experience to its users. This data center makes the company more reliable and gives more flexibility to the users to enhance the websites.

Here below is a brief description of the Turnkey data center which will give you an idea about its reliability and advantages.

Review on Turnkey Internet DATA Center

Turnkey internet delivers enterprise-level hosting services from its state of the art data center located in the heart of New York tech valley. A leader in 1999, Turnkey Internet provides hosting IT solutions and cloud computing services to businesses and individuals over one hundred countries across the globe. 

Data Center of Turnkey Internet

They include the best expert teams 24 hours a day, 7days per week for your support. Their wholly-owned denied operated SSAE-16/18 SOC 1 & SOC 2 certified New York data centers is a house in a US federal government building. 

Their data center is equipped with energy-smart cold containment with pots which provides them a secure clean room environment for all servers and equipment. 

Each part operates with independent in-row cooling units that intelligently monitor performance in real-time doing sure optimal operating temperatures. On the side, the 3N UPS system & 2N backup power generators provide continuous powers and an eventuality failure to ensure guarantee business continuity.

Turnkey’s redundant Junior powered edge network and Cisco power switch network linked their backbones to top tier one providers to offer their industrial leading 100% network uptime guarantee.

What do you mean by uptime?

Network uptime is a metric or computer industry term for mentioning the time during which a website or computer is operational. It represents the percentage of time that hardware, an IT system or device is successfully operational. Downtime is just the opposite of uptime when the server is not functioning your site won’t be able to access by any users.

Turnkey Internet’s expert team monitors the servers in the network round the clock. Proactively resolving issues to maintain the highest enterprise-level performance at all times.

Turnkey’s data center was constructed in 2011 with the most advanced green technologies possible. Their cooled containment pots evade the maximum level of energy efficiency available today. 

Over 50% of Turnkey energy consumption is produced on the side VR rooftop solar energy system, along with the clean energy transmitted straight from New York’s Niagara Falls hydroelectric system. 

These all the top-class features which Turnkey is offering are definitely an advantage for our website.

Conclusion: Turnkey Internet 2020 Review

After reviewing Turnkey Internet 2020, we get to see is the hosting plans, prices, and features including its pros and cons. All the above statement indicates the positive side of Turnkey Internet. The affordable prices which this hosting company is offering can be barely found with other hosting providers.

Turnkey has a solution for every IT need which you can benefit from its cloud computing. If you would like me to suggest then I must say grab the chance Turnkey is offering.  With Turnkey Internet you’ll get web hosting, colocation, virtual desktop, office servers, email solutions, and much more.