Types of Web Hosting Services

There are different types of web hosting services for your websites provided by hosting companies where you may get confused. To make you understand and eliminate your doubts we’ll be looking at each hosting solution and learn how they work.

Different Types of Web Hosting Services

Before heading towards hosting types, you must understand what web hosting is. If you don’t know about it then learn – What is web hosting? But if you know, move on.

So, here are the different types of web hosting services:

Shared Hosting 

shared hosting

Shared web hosting is a type of hosting service where multiple websites are hosted in a single server. When you go for a shared web hosting it means that you are purchasing a space for your website. The shared hosting server is the most common and affordable form of website hosting. Here multiple users will be sharing the resources (RAM, CPU, and Disk Space) of a secured server in order to make websites online presence. This type of hosting is good for personal and small business sites.

Dedicated Hosting

dedicated hosting

‘As the name like the work’ – Dedicated hosting is the type of website hosting service that provides the highest level of resource allocation, privacy, and control. When you buy Dedicated Server it means that you are buying an entire server space for your only website. These types of servers are completely unique and isolated from one another. As the server is fully dedicated users get full access to configure their server anyway they want without being affected by the actions of other users.

A dedicated web hosting service is beneficial for business websites and e-commerce websites or to sites with lots of traffic.

VPS Hosting

vps hosting

Virtual Private Server, aka, VPS is the combination of Dedicated and Shared Hosting. In this type of hosting service, multiple websites are hosted in a single server but the resources such as RAM and CPU remain dedicated to your account or not shared.  This is done by virtualizing a Dedicated server and splitting the resources amongst the users on that server.

VPS hosting is a reliable service for small business websites or blogging. Once you start getting traffic, you can upgrade to VPS from shared web hosting.

WordPress Hosting

wordpress hosting

WordPress hosting is the type of hosting service that has been optimized to better meet WordPress performance and security needs. It is an open-source content management system that allows the greenest builders to design and create their own website.

It is the most widely used website builder and content management system (CMS) in the world. This open-source platform is used by both experienced developers and new users for blogging, small business, and even globe-spanning corporations.

Reseller Hosting

reseller hosting

Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting service wherein the account owner can sales his/her allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties. It is the process where an individual or a company purchase hard drive space and bandwidth in wholesale and sells or rents them to customers, possibly for a profit. It’s a better way to generate money by providing hosting services to your clients as if you yourself were the web hosting company.

Cloud Hosting

cloud hosting

Cloud hosting server is the advanced technology and a platform where hundreds of servers work together, individually in the cloud. This permits users to utilize the number of assets they need without building and keeping up their own computing infrastructure. The resources that are being utilized are spread across servers, lessening the opportunity of any downtime because of a server breakdown.

Cloud-based hosting is scalable and versatile, which means your webpage can be developed utilizing resources as it requires, and while the website owner only pays for what they need and use.

Managed Hosting

Managed web hosting is a service with more technical support and a fully managed host. Hosting companies provide technical services such as hardware and software setup and configuration, maintenance, hardware replacement, technical support, patching, updating, and monitoring. With managed hosting, your site will be under an experienced webmaster and they would be the in-charge of technical need. The hosting provider looks after the day-to-day management of the hardware, operating systems, and standardized applications.

Colocation Hosting

colocation hosting

Colocation hosting is a service that a data center offers, in which the client rents space and provides housing for servers. The users own the servers and claim full authority over the hardware and software. Instead of keeping servers in-house or at a private data center, you may decide to “‘co-locate” your gear by leasing space in a colocation center. With colocation, you’ll get access to higher levels of bandwidth at a much lower cost. The center provides the power, bandwidth, IP address, and cooling systems that your server requires.

  • So this was a short article on different types of web hosting services. Among all the above-described web hosting types – Shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, and Dedicated hosting are commonly used hosting services.
  • Let me know if the article worked for you. Learn more about web hosting solutions.